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Property Accountant is a specialised tax consultancy that offers a one-stop solution to landlords, property investors, real estate developers and Estate Agents. We can help you boost your investment return or property portfolio through specialist tax planning. 

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Property Accountant is part of Tax Accountant, a Specialist Tax Consultancy. We have a team of tax accountants, chartered tax advisors, HMRC inspectors, and property tax specialists ready to assist you in reducing the amount you owe in taxes by investigating the various tax reliefs and options for tax planning. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in real estate and property tax planning. We are familiar with property tax and accounting issues and other business subjects such as financial requirements, property management techniques, and the legal responsibilities of landlords. We understand everything from your point of view and are available either over the phone, through video consultation or to meet securely at one of our offices. If your accountant doesn’t provide this level of service, it’s time to switch. We’re waiting for your call right now.

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We Are Specialist Property Accountants, Tax Advisors and Business Consultants

Our team consists of highly qualified accountants, Ex HMRC Tax Inspectors and industry-known business consultants

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If you are a landlord or a property investor, let our team of property accountants and tax advisors take care of your tax compliance.  


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Property tax accountant works in the real estate industry to help individual landlords, property investors, developers and other associated businesses with budgeting, reporting, reconciliation, and tax compliance. They also help in structuring property business and look at the tax efficiency of the structure. Day-to-day activities of a landlord accountant will include keeping records of property management, including monthly management accounting and cashflow forecast.

One of the most obvious, yet very significant, benefits is that landlords may access the expertise of their tax accountant. Landlord tax accounting is dynamic, resulting in an extra layer of complexity with every update in law.  There are different tax rules in place for landlords who invest in buy-to-let properties. A specialist tax accountant of real estate sector and with experience in the field may be an invaluable resource. An accountant who specialises in property investment may assist property landlords in minimising their tax liability and maximising their profits. An expert in property tax will know exactly what forms to fill out and how to file them with HMRC. Landlords can save time and money by engaging a specialist property tax adviser for advice.

Working with a specialist accountant who specialises in the potential property industry has several benefits for business and property owners. Successful investment requires access to current financial data and sound guidance. Professional tax accountants specialising in real property will be invaluable asset in these situations.

As accountants for landlord and specialist in property tax compliance, our team at Tax Accountant offer more than just tax returns. We will personally take you through all the special tax reliefs available only to landlords and property investors. As a landlord, you can benefit from financial rewards with a running business from the comfort of your home. We at Tax Accountants can guide you on how to purchase properties with your financial gains keeping tax efficiency in mind. Our Specialist Tax Advisors can also advise you on accounting records that you need to keep a hold on and guide you on how to invest your rental gains. Read more on the benefits of hiring our accountants for your tax compliance.

We have a specialist team of property tax accountants who have years of experience in the management and tax compliance of property development companies and private landlords. Our Tax Accountants help local landlords plan their taxes ahead. A higher rate taxpayer landlord will need to shift all or some of his income to his partner to take advantage of basic rate tax. We can help you fill the correct forms to HMRC within the time scale when it is due. If you are a non-resident landlord, your estate agent may be deducting your tax but do you know that you may have a tax refund if your tax return is filled correctly to HMRC? Similarly, non-resident companies and trusts who own property in the UK would need specialist advice. Our team is at your disposal; call our office now to book an appointment.

Landlords are not self-employed, but since their income isn’t taxed at source (via PAYE), they must file a tax return and declare their rental income. We make every effort to use all rules which can give tax relief and lower your tax burden. You will have a tax-free rental income allowance of £1,000, or you may utilise rent the room scheme and get a £7,000 tax-free income. You may have a rental business and rent out Furnished Holiday Let or HMO, which has special rules to qualify for expenses. These are a few examples whcih we may look at when discussing your tax compliance and future tax planning. We can certainly help you fill your tax returns, and we always advise clients to leave the job to a specialist, so you do not have to worry about your tax compliance.

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