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In recent years, landlords have increasingly incorporated their property portfolios. Only 9.7% of landlords prefer to operate as individuals. If you are a Landlord and need advice about Property Limited Company SPV, call our office to discuss your circumstances.

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Property investing is more challenging than before. Increased regulation, stamp duty adjustments, and less tax relief have reduced rental income for many property investors.  To counteract these challenges, more investors buy through a limited company (a property investment company or SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle.) In the first half of 2019, a whopping 77% of all buy-to-let mortgage applications were made through limited companies. The varied approaches taken in taxing are primarily responsible for this growth. A property limited company SPV will be subject to corporation tax rather than the individual income tax that a person would be responsible for paying. Running your own property investment company isn’t for everyone, but it’s a good choice for buy-to-let landlords. If you organise your property portfolio most advantageously, you could reduce the total amount of taxes you have to pay. If you are looking to transfer your portfolio to a Limited Company, please send us an email or call our office to book an appointment with a specialist accountant.

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Limited Company Structure can be helpful or unfavourable for your investment from a tax planning perspective. A limited company is termed Limited because its owners enjoy limited liability. Being a separate legal entity from its owners, the shareholders do not take liability for the company. The company owners’ liability is limited to their invested capital. The company is liable for paying off any liabilities created by the limited company. In insolvency, the owners would lose no personal assets, considering it one of the safest organizational structures. There are several different models that you may use for your limited company, depending on the specifics of your situation.

Special purpose vehicles are popular among property investors, specifically when it comes to company incorporation. There are additional advantages to using an SPV in your business plan besides property investments. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a legal entity established for a specific purpose. An individual or parent company create SPV Limited Company to separate financial risks. In other words, if a parent company goes bankrupt, the SPV limited company won’t be negatively affected. Using a special purpose vehicle structure to establish a company in the UK is popular with property investors. Even if you’re not investing in SPV property, you may wish to include setting up an SPV in your strategic plan.

If you purchase and operate buy-to-let property through a company known as a Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV), you are eligible for certain increased tax benefits that are not available to individual landlords.

Advantages of SPV

  • Tax Relief on mortgage interest
  • Reduced rates of tax on property limited company profits
  • Changing ownership to minimise Inheritance Tax Limited liability and improve credibility
  • Ease of investing in property portfolio 

Disadvantages of SPV

  • Mortgage availability
  • Compliance to regulators i.e., companies house and HMRC, data protection etc.
  • Additional expenses and taxes i.e., dividend tax for higher rate tax payers

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